We Provide a Full Range of Quality Wireless Audio Equipment

Providing quality sound to the guests of your event can be tricky if you have to deal with a great deal of wires. Not only does it make an unappealing network of tangled wires running across the floor of your event location, but it also creates the potential for tripping hazards and the possibility of equipment getting unplugged as the result of an accident.

We know how difficult it can be to maneuver around wires while trying to keep your event running smoothly, so we eliminate the hassle for you by providing wireless audio equipment. At MMI Rental, we ensure that you’ll never have to deal with pesky wiring and all of the consequences associated with old-school technology.

Skip the Wires When You Use Our Handheld Microphones

Moving freely about your stage while using a wired microphone can be difficult, especially when your cord isn’t long enough to give you a full range of motion. With the help of our top-of-the-line handheld microphones, you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires or accidentally unplugging from the sound system. That way, you’ll be able to speak to your audience with confidence while moving around as much as you’d like without dealing with the stress caused by tangled wires.

Speak with Confidence Using Our Hands-Free Lapel Mics

Many corporate professionals prefer to communicate messages to their employees using a full range of body language. By freeing up your hands, our lapel mics enable you to speak with your whole body and express your ideas clearly without being held back by a microphone. Mics are available in single and multiple systems in portable SKB racks with four and six channels, antenna systems, and antenna paddles.

Communicate with Ease through Our Countryman Headsets

Another hands-free option for speaking to groups of people is our line of Countryman headsets. With a design that features an over-the-ear piece, your microphone will be located near your mouth at all times so you can speak to large crowds in the same way that you would speak to a friend or coworker. Up to 48 channels of simultaneous operation are available, which allows you to connect to everyone in your audience with ease.

Embrace the Clarity of Our Special Sennheiser Ear Sets

We also provide Sennheiser ear sets for speakers who prefer clear intelligibility and high-quality acoustics. As one of the premier brands of microphones and audio systems, Sennheiser products are designed to provide superior clarity while being minimally intrusive for the speaker using them.

Spread Your Message to the Masses with Our Intercom Systems

For gatherings that require communication with a large audience, intercom systems are an ideal way to ensure that everyone is able to hear the messages being conveyed. We use the most up-to-date Telex and Bosch systems designed in four wireless packages to ensure that your event features a sharp and crisp sound for the benefit of everyone in attendance.

Utilize Our State-of-the-Art Speaker Microphone Systems

In addition to our standard speaker microphone systems, we provide wireless IFB single and double-ear configurations with Telex ear sets. These hands-free sets allow you to hear messages in one ear while speaking into the headset connected by the piece located on your other ear.

Coordinate Your Operation Covertly with Secret Service Ear Sets

For large events that require communication across great distances, we provide Motorola two-way radios that feature multiple headsets, a speaker microphone, and Secret Service ear sets for communicating, coordinating, and operating your event.

Contact us when you’re in need of wireless audio equipment. Our staff of licensed engineers serves commercial clients nationwide.